Y Combinator’s Latest Prodigies: Winter 2023’s Companies to Watch

Y Combinator’s Latest Prodigies: Winter 2023’s Companies to Watch
4 months
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The latest batch of Y Combinator companies comes from the Winter 2023 session, which included 282 companies. The most common themes among these companies were open source, dev tools, and AI. The verticals broke down as follows: 54% in B2B/Enterprise SaaS, 17% in DevTools, 12% in Fintech, 7% in Healthcare, 5% in Consumer, 3% in Proptech, and 2% in Climate, Energy, or Sustainability.

In the Y Combinator Winter 2023 batch, several companies stood out, particularly in the AI sector. Here are a few notable mentions:


Founded by data engineers and distributed systems architects, Shadeform provides a platform for accessing and deploying AI training and inferencing workloads across any cloud provider1.


An AI operations startup founded by an ex-Peloton AI engineer, Ceralyze automates the implementation of AI research papers by translating them into functioning code1.


Launched by veterans of Roblox, Sweep autonomously handles small development tasks using large language models similar to GPT-41.

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