Epidemic Shadows

Epidemic Shadows
11 months
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Setting: The game is set in the near future in a sprawling metropolis known as Veridium City. The city was once a hub of technological advancement and prosperity, but it now stands on the brink of destruction due to a mysterious and deadly viral outbreak. Storyline: In "Epidemic Shadows," players take on the role of Dr. Evelyn Carter, a brilliant virologist who becomes embroiled in a nightmarish scenario as the city succumbs to an unknown pathogen. The virus, codenamed "Echidna," was originally developed as a potential revolutionary medical breakthrough by the Enigma Corporation, a secretive conglomerate with questionable ethics. The virus was meant to enhance human abilities and cure diseases, but something went terribly wrong during its testing phase. Act 1: The Outbreak The game begins with Dr. Carter receiving an urgent distress call from her former mentor, Dr. Leonard Miller, who works at the Enigma Corporation's research facility. Dr. Miller pleads for her help, hinting that the virus they created has mutated and spread uncontrollably, turning citizens into grotesque and aggressive mutants. Dr. Carter rushes to the facility, only to find it in chaos, with only a few survivors left. As she navigates the facility's labyrinthine halls, she learns more about the virus's origins and the horrifying experiments conducted on unwilling subjects. Act 2: Unraveling the Conspiracy Dr. Carter manages to escape the facility with a small group of survivors, and they barricade themselves in a safe house. As they struggle to survive, Dr. Carter discovers that the Enigma Corporation's intentions were far more sinister than she could have imagined. The virus was designed to not only enhance abilities but also to serve as a tool for control and manipulation. The corporation's leadership believed they could create an army of superhuman soldiers to dominate the world. As Dr. Carter and her group search for a way to stop the virus, they uncover hidden research documents and encrypted messages that hint at a potential antidote. However, retrieving the antidote requires infiltrating Enigma Corporation's heavily fortified headquarters in the heart of Veridium City. Act 3: City of Nightmares The group embarks on a dangerous journey through the infected city to reach the corporation's headquarters. Along the way, they encounter various mutated creatures, solve puzzles, and gather resources to survive. The city is a haunting landscape of abandoned buildings, ominous alleys, and remnants of the once-vibrant urban life. Dr. Carter's own skills in virology become crucial as she analyzes samples and learns to exploit weaknesses in the mutants' biology. Act 4: Confrontation Upon reaching the corporation's headquarters, Dr. Carter and her team discover the antidote's location but are confronted by the corporation's ruthless security forces. A climactic battle ensues as they fight their way through the facility, facing both mutant horrors and heavily armed soldiers. The final confrontation takes place in the corporation's research lab, where the true source of the virus's mutation is revealed. Act 5: Redemption and Resolution Dr. Carter finally confronts the mastermind behind the virus's mutation, a brilliant but morally bankrupt scientist within the Enigma Corporation. The final showdown tests Dr. Carter's resolve and skills to their limits. With the antidote in hand, she must decide the fate of the city: destroy it to prevent further outbreaks, or attempt to cure the infected. The game's multiple endings reflect Dr. Carter's choices throughout her journey, shaping the destiny of Veridium City and its remaining inhabitants. "Epidemic Shadows" combines survival horror, puzzle-solving, and an engaging storyline to create an immersive gaming experience that pays homage to classics like Resident Evil while offering a fresh narrative and gameplay twists.
I have like to design a game similar to Resident Evil. Please provide me a story line.