Frequently asked questions

Follow these steps to create and publish a unique story with an accompanying image using AI-powered tools:

  • 1. Begin by crafting a compelling story prompt to serve as the foundation for your tale.
  • 2. Utilize ChatGPT to generate the story based on the prompt. Let your creativity flow as ChatGPT assists you in developing an engaging narrative.
  • 3. Next, generate a thought-provoking prompt for an image using ChatGPT's help. This will set the theme for the visual element of your story.
  • 4. Turn to DALL-E or other AI image generators to bring the image prompt to life. Explore the AI-generated visuals that match your story's theme and tone.
  • 5. With the story and image in hand, you are now ready to share your creation. Head over to, log in, and publish your story along with the accompanying AI-generated image.