The Road Not Taken: How Apple’s Car Project Hit a Detour

The Road Not Taken: How Apple’s Car Project Hit a Detour
4 months
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Let’s delve into the intriguing journey of the Apple Car, also known as Project Titan. 🚗

  1. Early Development (2015):
  • In early 2015, a mysterious van leased to Apple was spotted in Concord, California, equipped with LiDAR technology. Speculation arose that Apple was secretly working on a self-driving car.
  • Reports surfaced that Apple was assembling a team of automotive experts and engineers for a top-secret research lab focused on electric vehicles.
  • Former General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson, warned that Apple was underestimating the challenges of the car industry.
  1. The Apple Car Takes Shape (2016-2017):
  • Steve Zadesky, the lead of Project Titan, left Apple in January 2016, signaling internal strife.
  • Apple registered domain names like “” and “”
  • The project shifted gears, aiming for a simpler electric vehicle (EV) rather than a fully autonomous car.
  • The company hired experts from various automotive backgrounds.
  • Apple’s secret car headquarters were nestled near its Infinite Loop campus in Sunnyvale, California.
  1. Milestones and Setbacks (2021):
  • In November 2021, Bloomberg reported that Apple had achieved a significant milestone in developing the self-driving chip for the Apple Car.
  • The focus shifted from a fully autonomous vehicle to a basic EV, with a target release year of 2028.
  1. The End of an Era (2024):
  • After a decade of development, Apple decided to halt the project. The Apple Car will not see the light of day, and the team behind it faces layoffs or reassignment.
  • The dream of an Apple-branded electric vehicle remains unfulfilled, leaving us with a fascinating tale of ambition, challenges, and shifting priorities.

In summary, the Apple Car journey was filled with anticipation, setbacks, and eventual redirection. While we won’t see an Apple Car on the roads, the legacy of Project Titan will linger as one of the tech world’s most captivating “what-ifs” 1234. 🍏🚘

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