The e-scooter company GBike in South Korea

The e-scooter company GBike in South Korea
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Gbike is a South Korean e-scooter company that operates a micromobility platform. It was founded in 2019 and has raised a total of $10 million from investors. Gbike offers a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel around urban areas, using its app to locate, unlock, and pay for e-scooters. Gbike also provides maintenance and battery swapping services for its fleet of e-scooters.

In July 2022, Gbike acquired ZET, a micromobility platform that was launched by Hyundai Motor in 20201. ZET had a fleet of fewer than 1,000 e-scooters that were available in Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. Gbike plans to integrate ZET’s e-scooters into its own platform and expand its service to more cities in South Korea.

Gbike is not the only company that offers e-scooter rental services in South Korea. There are also other competitors, such as Lime, Beam, and Kickgoing, that operate in the country. However, Gbike claims to have a competitive edge over its rivals, as it has a lower cost structure, a higher utilization rate, and a better user experience.

Gbike is part of the growing trend of micromobility in South Korea, which is driven by the increasing demand for alternative modes of transportation, especially among young and environmentally conscious consumers. Micromobility also has the potential to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas.

South Korea also has a well-developed network of bicycle paths that span across the country, offering cyclists a scenic and safe way to explore its diverse landscapes and cultures. Some of the popular routes include the Cross-Country Route, which runs from Incheon to Busan, the East Coast Route, which follows the rocky ridges and seascapes of the eastern shore, and the Jeju Route, which circles the tropical island of Jeju. You can find more information about these routes and others on the website Korea by Bike, which provides guides, maps, and tips for cycling enthusiasts.

The e-scooter company GBike in South Korea
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