The Innovative and Playful Designs of Teenage Engineering

The Innovative and Playful Designs of Teenage Engineering
3 months
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Teenage Engineering is a Swedish company that creates high quality, well designed, electronic products for all people who love sound and music. They are known for their innovative and playful designs, such as the OP-1, a portable synthesizer, sampler and controller that looks like a toy but sounds like a professional instrument.

Some of their best selling products are:


A versatile device that lets you create and perform music with various sound sources, such as synths, drums, tapes and samples. It has a new design, features and functions, such as FM broadcasting, Bluetooth midi, high resolution display, reverb, synth engine and more2.

Pocket Operators

A series of small, battery-powered synthesizers that can be used individually or together. They have different sound engines, such as drum machine, bass synth, arcade sounds, vocal synth and more. They also have built-in speakers, sequencers, effects and sync options.


A portable speaker that can also record, loop and manipulate any sound source. It has a unique feature called Magic Dial, which lets you rewind, time-stretch, slice and dice any audio. It also has an FM radio, a disk mode that plays ambient sounds, and a motorized user interface.

What is Teenage Engineering about? What are their best selling products?
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