Yelp And Its Latest News

Yelp And Its Latest News
4 months
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Yelp is a website and app that connects people with great local businesses, such as restaurants, bars, salons, doctors, and more. You can use Yelp to search for businesses near you, read reviews from other customers, make reservations, order food delivery, book services, and more. You can also write your own reviews, upload photos and videos, and join the Yelp community.

Some of the latest news about Yelp are:

Yelp has launched a new feature called Yelp Guaranteed, which is a consumer protection program that covers up to $500 of the cost of a service if the customer is not satisfied with the quality or outcome.

Yelp has improved its search experience with artificial intelligence, which can suggest relevant topics and categories based on the user’s query and location.

Yelp has revamped its reviewing experience with video in reviews, which allows users to upload short videos along with their written reviews to show more details and emotions about their experiences.

Yelp has also added numerical ratings to help users easily compare multiple businesses based on their overall quality, service, value, and atmosphere.

Yelp And Its Latest News
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