Cities With Driverless Cars

Cities With Driverless Cars
4 months
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Some of the cities that are already having drivers using driverless cars are:

Phoenix, Arizona

This city is currently one of the most exciting cities for AV development, as the first to see the launch of a commercial driverless taxi service: Alphabet’s Waymo One. Waymo One robotaxis operate without safety engineers and human operators on board the AVs.

San Francisco, California

This city is another testing ground for Waymo One, as well as GM-owned Cruise, which has announced testing in 14 cities across the US3. Driverless robotaxi services pick up customers and ferry them to their destinations with the help of cameras, sensors and software that uses artificial intelligence.

Chongqing and Wuhan, China

These two cities have been licensed to ferry commercial passengers in AVs since August 2022. The AVs are developed by Chinese companies such as Baidu, WeRide and AutoX, which have also been testing their technology in other cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

These are some examples of cities that are already having drivers using driverless cars, but there are many more that are experimenting with this technology in various ways. Driverless cars have the potential to transform our transportation system and our way of life in the future.

Cities With Driverless Cars
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