Destination: Cheddar, Somerset - The Home of Cheddar Cheese

Destination: Cheddar, Somerset - The Home of Cheddar Cheese
6 months
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Duration: 3 Days

Day 1: Cheese Exploration


- Arrive in Cheddar, Somerset.

- Check into your chosen accommodation, preferably a charming local bed and breakfast.

- Start your day with a hearty breakfast featuring Cheddar cheese.

Late Morning

- Visit the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company.

 - Take a guided tour to learn about the cheese-making process.

 - Sample various types of Cheddar cheese.

 - Purchase some of your favorite cheeses to take home.


- Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant or cafe known for its cheese-centric dishes. Try a classic cheese platter or a cheesy sandwich.


- Explore the world-famous Cheddar Gorge.

 - Hike or take a guided tour through the stunning limestone gorge.

 - Learn about the geology and history of the area.

 - Enjoy breathtaking views of the gorge and surrounding countryside.


- Return to your accommodation to relax and freshen up.

- Dine at a local restaurant known for its cheese-infused cuisine. Try Cheddar cheese fondue or a creamy pasta dish.

Day 2: Cultural and Culinary Delights


- Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation.

Late Morning

- Visit the Cheddar Museum & Cheddar Man and the Cannibals Exhibition.

 - Learn about the history of Cheddar, including the discovery of Cheddar Man's remains.

 - Explore the interactive exhibits.


- Have lunch at a local eatery or tearoom, where you can savor dishes incorporating Cheddar cheese.


- Explore Cox's Cave within Cheddar Gorge.

 - Discover the fascinating rock formations and underground chambers.

 - Learn about the legend of the Cheddar Fairies.


- Return to your accommodation to unwind.

Day 3: Cheese-Making Experience


- After breakfast, head to the Cheddar Cheese Company.

 - Participate in a cheese-making workshop.

 - Create your own wheel of Cheddar cheese.

 - Learn the art and science behind Cheddar cheese production.


- Enjoy a picnic lunch with Cheddar cheese and local produce at a scenic spot, perhaps near Cheddar Reservoir.


- Visit Gough's Cave, another remarkable cave in Cheddar Gorge.

 - Explore the chambers and marvel at the impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

 - Learn about the archaeological discoveries in the cave.

Late Afternoon

- Take a stroll through the picturesque village of Cheddar.

 - Visit local shops to purchase more Cheddar cheese or souvenirs.

 - Enjoy a traditional cream tea with scones and clotted cream.


- Have your farewell dinner at a cozy restaurant in Cheddar, choosing from a menu featuring various Cheddar cheese dishes.

Departure Day

- After breakfast, check out of your accommodation and bid farewell to Cheddar, Somerset, with your newfound appreciation for Cheddar cheese and its history.

This itinerary will immerse you in the world of Cheddar cheese while allowing you to explore the natural beauty and cultural attractions of Cheddar, Somerset. Enjoy your cheese-themed adventure!

Hotel And Restaurant Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and additional Cheddar cheese-related food experiences in Cheddar, Somerset:


1. The Bath Arms

This charming pub offers a range of dishes featuring locally sourced Cheddar cheese. Try their classic Cheddar Ploughman's lunch or their innovative Cheddar cheese soufflé.

2. The Riverside Inn

Known for its picturesque setting along the river, this restaurant serves up delightful cheese-based dishes like Cheddar cheese and onion tart or a cheeseboard featuring a variety of Cheddar cheeses.

3. The Oakhouse

A gastropub that often includes creative Cheddar cheese recipes on its menu. Don't miss their Cheddar cheese and beer soup.

4. The Lion Rock Tea Rooms

For a more casual dining experience, enjoy a cheese-filled sandwich or a Cheddar cheese scone with cream tea at this cozy tearoom.


1. Lion Rock Tea Rooms & Guesthouse

Stay in a comfortable room above the Lion Rock Tea Rooms, known for their Cheddar cheese scones and warm hospitality.

2. The Bath Arms Hotel

Experience a comfortable stay in a historic hotel with a restaurant known for its Cheddar cheese dishes.

3. YHA Cheddar

If you're looking for budget-friendly accommodation, the Youth Hostel Association's Cheddar location provides a clean and affordable place to stay while exploring the area.

More Cheddar Cheese Experiences

1. Cheddar Cheese Tasting Tours

Beyond the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, consider joining other cheese tasting tours that may be available in the area. You can sample and learn about different Cheddar cheese varieties.

2. Farm Visits

Explore nearby farms to see how Cheddar cheese is made. Some farms offer tours and the opportunity to meet the cows responsible for the milk used in cheese production.

3. Local Markets

Check out local farmers' markets in Cheddar and surrounding areas. You'll find vendors selling fresh Cheddar cheese and other artisanal products.

4. Cooking Classes

Look for cooking classes or workshops that focus on incorporating Cheddar cheese into various dishes. It's a fun way to improve your culinary skills and create cheese-inspired meals.

5. Cheese Shops

In addition to the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, explore other cheese shops in Cheddar and Somerset to purchase a variety of Cheddar cheese flavors and accompaniments like chutneys and crackers.

Remember to inquire about any COVID-19-related restrictions or changes in operating hours before planning your visit. Enjoy your Cheddar cheese-themed journey in Cheddar, Somerset!

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