Ode to the Harmonious Fab Four

Ode to the Harmonious Fab Four
10 months

(Verse 1)

In the era when rock began to soar,

Emerged a quartet we couldn’t ignore.

In the tumultuous sixties, they arose,

The Beatles, donned in their iconic clothes.

Four lads from Liverpool, to the world they sang,

With every harmonious chord, the globe rang.


Strawberry Fields and Penny Lanes,

Yellow Submarines in psychedelic planes.

All You Need is Love, they professed,

With tunes that left our hearts impressed.

(Verse 2)

John, Paul, George, and Ringo,

With each song, forging a new lingo.

Crafting poetic melodies with grace,

Setting the rhythmic pace for the human race.

In their music, wisdom and youth intertwined,

Fables of love and peace, in every line.


Across the Universe their tunes flowed,

Within them, myriad emotions stowed.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,

A musical masterpiece, eternally grand.


Through hardships and disbandment’s pain,

Their melodies eternally sustain.

In every lyric, a timeless tale,

Their musical ship continues to sail.

(Verse 3)

The symphonies of their collective soul,

Continually play an inspiring role.

Through the winds of time, their tunes traverse,

Every generation it continues to immerse.

With sounds of revolution and sweet refrains,

In our hearts, The Beatles remain.


Hey Jude, don’t let the music fade,

In its embrace, let your worries trade.

Let it Be, the whispering wisdom says,

In their music, the world forever plays.


To the fab four, we raise a toast,

For the music that embraced the most.

The Beatles, the symphony of the free,

Forever engraved in our collective memory.

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