Virtual Rivalry: The Cage Fight Charade

Virtual Rivalry: The Cage Fight Charade
11 months
In the realms of jest and tech's grand stage, Two titans clashed, their words engaged, Elon and Mark, with barbs in flight, A cage match hinted, to our delight. For months they sparred in virtual space, A duel of wit, a digital chase, Their tweets and posts, a verbal fray, A scripted dance in the light of day. "Elon, my rockets pierce the sky, While your electric dreams do fly, But let us settle this, no need to bide, In a cage we'll meet, ego versus pride." Elon retorted, with a grin askew, "Mark, your code's fine, but my goals are true, A cage match sounds like quite the spree, I'll bring my bots, just wait and see." The world looked on with bated breath, A clash of tech titans, rumors spread, But as the days turned into weeks, A doubt began to taint the feats. Was this a ruse, a tale well spun, A marketing stunt, for profits won? Their words, a theater, a play so grand, A charade designed to stir the land. And then, the truth began to unfold, A revelation, the story told, Behind the scenes, it was just a game, A ploy to boost their brands and fame. No cage was built, no fists did fly, No arena saw the battle cry, Instead, they laughed, shook hands, it's true, A well-played act for me and you. So let us not lament the jest, The cage fight's dream that gave us rest, For in this banter, we found a ride, A glimpse of two minds, side by side. Elon and Mark, a tale to share, A lesson learned in the digital air, In this grand charade, a truth resides, The line between show and reality hides.
Write a poem for me about the planned cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been trading barbs for close to 2 months about the cage fight, but the exchanges were probably for show. It would not have happened, and we were all taken for a ride.